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Atölye Dili: İngilizce

Atölye Süresi: 3 Saat

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Description of the Workshop:

The workshop aims to explore the dichotomy between preserving cultural heritage and
embracing new forms of expression in a post-multiculturalism era. In this interactive workshop,
we trace the evolution of cultural exchange in the context of immigration to outline the nuances
of this problem in the present-day context, before transitioning to the key question of “how”.
Through a series of engaging activities and discussions, we will start to construct a living toolkit
and explore the need for a more personalised approach to these issues that considers the
unique culture created simply by bringing people of diGerent backgrounds into the same room.
The importance in starting with a brief history will allow us to explore key themes such as
exchange of performance techniques from early trade, the tools of cultural preservation in latestage
industrialization emigration, and the illusion of integration of single-ethnic mosaic
globalization. By framing the way we have historically carried cultural legacies through
performance, we can begin to understand in a modern context “what we choose to pass on vs
what we choose to leave behind”.

This brings the conversation to where we are now as a creative industry looking for its next stage
in evolution. At this moment, I will share some of my own experiences in exploring this concept
specifically in theatre industries in globalised cities such as London, Toronto, and Vancouver
along with inviting others to contribute their perspectives on the past and the present. By
sharing stories and experiences as individuals navigating diGerent cultures the aim is to create a
convivial atmosphere from which we will be able to break into smaller groups to further develop
a temporary new performance culture in the room.

This neo-melting pot exercise will be developed on an open-source foundation which
emphasizes the fusion of cultures and the combination of old and new elements while openly
debating questions of identity, appropriation versus appreciation, and the interplay between
inherited culture vs. the influences of exposure and environment. The emphasis in this final part
is a practical exploration in what individuals would like to pass on from their backgrounds and
how they can combine these elements with the places in which they currently reside in. In this
case in the temporary community created in the workshop space, which creates the basis for
tools that can be taken beyond the workshop into each person’s respective contexts.
This workshop is designed for practitioners and individuals interested in the intersection of
heritage, identity, and performance. Participants are encouraged to bring an open mind, a
willingness to share their stories, and a curiosity for exploring the dynamics of cultural
exchange. No prior experience is required, and participants from all backgrounds are welcome
to join.

About Maya Ross:


Emerging Director with a background in performance and projection design. I want to make work around giving voice to the voiceless. Activism is a key influence in my life in general but especially with my theatre practice. In order to feed my theatre addiction I also work as a freelance stage manager.